Wa(h)re Angst

old school room turned into an art installation

The play of words around fear either as true feeling or as product (to buy and sell) was the result in the aftermath of elections in Germany when the rightwing parties gained huge success. How is fear exploited in the political landscape and how is it induced? 

The art show «Wa(h)re Angst» explores the political and social climate induced through fear.  The title of the show refers on one hand on fear as a sellable item how it is used in political and economical world and on the other hand it puts up the question if true fear really exists. International artists open new perspectives on human fears and take position with their works on political themes. 

With: Maya Aruch & Gal Melnick (Israel), Roger Ballen (SA/USA), Kathrin Borer (Switzerland), Jonas Burgert (Germany), Janusz Czech (Germany/Poland), Samira Freitag (Germany), Marina Gržinić & Aina Šmid (Slovenia), Andreas Hagenbach (Switzerland), Sofia Hager (Georgia/USA), Bernd Hennig (Germany), Gustav Kluge (Germany), Yulia Lokshina (Russia/Germany), Felix Müller (Germany), Max Mustermann (Germany/Austria), Alexander Suvorov-Franz & Nathalie Suvorov-Franz (Russia/Germany), Magnus Thierfelder (Sweden).

„Wa(h)re Angst“ from 6.10. until 29.10.2017 in EMMA Kreativzentrum in Pforzheim